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25 Sep, 2007

More on the first CCC meeting in London

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As David (Tebbo) has already related, Toby, David and I met up just before the first CCC meeting at the Star Café for a bite of breakfast, before we headed to Foyles Café.  Our chosen venue co-exists with Ray’s Jazz - that meant we got some cool bepop, and later on fusion from the likes [...]

19 Sep, 2007

Inaugural CCC London

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Well. That was fun.
David, Toby and I met for breakfast. Ostensibly to plan the event. In fact, Toby cleverly sent me off on a wild goose chase thereby stopping me making too many ‘organisational’ suggestions. Those that I did make were totally ignored.
And a good job too.
About eighteen delightful people turned up with all sorts [...]


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