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16 Nov, 2007

What I love about CreativeCoffee Club…

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Every time I’ve attended a CreativeCoffee meeting has been a new experience with fresh and interesting conversations where everyone bounced their notions of creativity in the world we live in. What a great idea to hold it in the Dana Centre! an open, friendly and colourful atmosphere. The meeting on wednesday (November 14th) included topics like [...]

13 Nov, 2007

PHOTOS - CCC Leicester 7th November

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Last Wednesdays CreativeCoffee Club was a great turnout. Over 25 attended, conversations flowed and everyone mingled happily amongst themselves. Photos of this event and others can be found on Facebook and also now featuring on Flickr too!
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CreativeCoffee Club is a meetup and networking event, after the style of the OpenCoffee Club. We aim to provide a place for business people, academics, teachers, public sector workers and managers to network, exchange ideas and discuss how to foster creativity and innovation in the workplace.