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08 Jan, 2009

CreativeCoffee Club London Evolution

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We’re shaking things up a little with the CreativeCoffee Club London meetings in 2009. Rather than continue with the cosy, weekly free for all conversations of last year we’ll be doing less regular meet-ups, but will begin to have larger and more themed conversations.
Our first one is in conjunction with Amplified09 and the ICA. You [...]

For some time we’ve planned to hook CreativeCoffee Club up with a University in London, as well as wanting to get away fro the Height’s Bar at the St. Georges. The Heights Bar has a great view, and means you can regularly rub shoulders with BBC luminaries and producers, but the coffee is lousy and [...]

01 May, 2008

30th April - CreativeCoffee Club London

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Within the first hour the group had doubled to 12, and lots of different conversations going on. The topic of music popped up and the difficulty of marketing physical products when you can download music.
The popular social networking working tool twitter and twirl came up again today, and its simplistic interface design is good. Its [...]

As it was Toby’s Moores birthday on Sunday, to extend the celebrations he generously brought a big chocolate cake! Which went down very well, especially as it was gluten free so everyone could par-take. Ideas and topics discussed in a mass conversation between everyone but most of the time the group divided amongst themselves and [...]

You can see Tamsin Hatton’s photos of the latest London meeting on Flickr our Facebook group, as well as her summary post here.  It  was great fun talking creativity with the group.  Lloyd Davis told me he had an empty diary, and was wondering what to do with the day when he saw my tweet [...]

06 Mar, 2008

5th March - London’s Creative Coffee Meeting

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It was a really cold morning but arriving into London, and throughout the day, it really brightened up. The surrounding view once again from the Heights bar rather amazing.
Penny Jackson brought a sound recorder along and some of the conversations of today were recorded, it will be interesting to see what everyone said, but for [...]

At todays London event we had the following people come along: Toby Moores (Sleepydog CEO and CreativeCoffee Club co-founder, David Terrar (D²C, WordFrame, and CreativeCoffee Club co-founder), Nick Delaney (Photographer), David Tebbut (Analyst, writer, and shareware publisher…), Alex Craxton (Product Manager and Mobile Monday Co-founder).
A relaxed atmosphere and a flowing conversation of the creative process, [...]

16 Feb, 2008

Time Management for Creative People

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I joined in a  social media prototype or experiment on Friday - the London Social Media Café.   It’s organized by Lloyd Davis, and go to their pbwiki to find out more.  It could become a regular meetup where remote workers congregate in a café, or maybe several near to each other to work, network, or [...]

The venue is now at Saint Georges Hotel, up at the top in the heights bar. The view is fantastic and you can see practically the whole of London. The hotel is situated closer to the centre of London than the Dana centre, so we’re hoping it will be an easier spot for people to [...]

Yesterday’s meeting was a bit of a ‘laptop convention’ and the one Sue Thomas brought with her was particularly fun! The screen was a tablet and you could write or draw straight on to, I’ve always wondered what they were like to use and I was lucky enough to get to try one out, thank [...]


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