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I thoroughly recommend that you go and listen to Penny Jackson’s interview with Steve Lawson about finding audiences through social media. It can be found here.
I love the way Steve’s curiosity and a little help from his friends allowed him to build a career as a musician that is sustainable in the long term. Despite having gigged [...]

A couple of weeks ago Euan Semple and I had a conversation about social media and its impact on business and life guided by Penny Jackson. We discuss the infrastructural nature of social media, and its implications as a business and creative amplifier.Penny is planning to develop this in to a series of conversations between amplified [...]


CreativeCoffee Club is a meetup and networking event, after the style of the OpenCoffee Club. We aim to provide a place for business people, academics, teachers, public sector workers and managers to network, exchange ideas and discuss how to foster creativity and innovation in the workplace.