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25 Jan, 2008

CreativeCoffee Club Leicester - Press Release

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A free creative boost is on offer to all businesses at a new Leicester network already producing tangible benefits for its first member firms.
Companies already taking part in the CreativeCoffee Club, hosted by De Montfort University, are urging others to do the same after discovering real benefits for their businesses and people. They are reporting [...]

There are at this moment 346 global members in the CreativeCoffee Club group on and the number is growing by the day. Currently, the majority of meet-ups, alternate between London and Leicester occurring fortnightly on Wednesdays, but also groups are forming in other cities and even other countries! This month Toby Moores formed meetings [...]

16 Nov, 2007

What I love about CreativeCoffee Club…

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Every time I’ve attended a CreativeCoffee meeting has been a new experience with fresh and interesting conversations where everyone bounced their notions of creativity in the world we live in. What a great idea to hold it in the Dana Centre! an open, friendly and colourful atmosphere. The meeting on wednesday (November 14th) included topics like [...]

01 Oct, 2007

CreativeCoffee Club - San Francisco Bay Area

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Palo Alto, Silicon Valley’s heartland, will be the location launch of the first Bay Area Creative Coffee Club at the Coupa Cafe on Romona St. (wireless access included with coffee).  We’ll gather on the sidewalk tables, and at 11 a.m. connect with the London Wiki Wednesday’s group via Skype for a few bons mots from [...]

19 Sep, 2007

Creative Coffee Club - Bay Area

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I met Toby Moores last year at Office 2.0, and we discussed the creative collaboration work he was doing at DeMontfort University in Leicester.   Over the last year, we’ve kept in touch, and I recruited him to participate in a panel at this year’s Office 2.0 conference on “Culture and Collaboration,” on how to unleash [...]

16 Sep, 2007

Technology and Creativity

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I tend not to think of myself as a highly creative person but on some level I guess I must be. My interest is in Technology and how it can support the creative process or enable people to do new and wonderful things. I’m always in awe of people who are truly creative. I’m really [...]

07 Sep, 2007

Just to keep the pot boiling

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Hello. My name is David Tebbutt. I’ve always considered myself creative but, next to Toby Moores, I’m about as creative as a twig.
I look forward to meeting those that turn up on 19th September. Just in case anyone wants to chat, I should mention that I will have to dash off around 11:45 for an [...]

We’re pleased to announce that the inaugural London meeting of the CreativeCoffee Club will be on Wednesday 19th September, from 10:00 till 12:00 at Foyle’s Café in Charing Cross Road.  CreativeCoffee Club aims to become “the crucible for creativity”, and is a meetup after the style of OpenCoffee Club, but focusing on creativity in business, [...]

30 Aug, 2007

Creativity Conversations

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A series of café style conversations on creativity, innovation, and transdisciplinary work are being run, every Wednesday 5.30-6.30pm, Sept 26th - Nov 28th at De Montfort University’s Institute of Creative Technologies.
The creativity conversations are about enabling cross disciplinary dialogue that draws together thinking from a wide range of perspectives. They are about:

Enhancing understanding about [...]

What is creativity?
The Concise Oxford Dictionary definition - “Creative a. Creating ; able to create ; inventive, imaginative ; showing imagination as well as routine skill.”
Wikipedia’s entry  - “Creativity (or creativeness) is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts.”
What is CreativeCoffee Club?

CreativeCoffee Club [...]


CreativeCoffee Club is a meetup and networking event, after the style of the OpenCoffee Club. We aim to provide a place for business people, academics, teachers, public sector workers and managers to network, exchange ideas and discuss how to foster creativity and innovation in the workplace.