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03 Apr, 2008

Network of Networks and USB technology

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A main topic of discussion formed around the up and coming Network of Networks. Toby gave an overview of what is happening and everyone talked about interesting ideas for locations etc. It shall chatting and conversational, informal in an “un-converence” style.
CreativeCoffee Club and other social networking groups will be joining together for a few separate [...]

06 Mar, 2008

5th March - London’s Creative Coffee Meeting

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It was a really cold morning but arriving into London, and throughout the day, it really brightened up. The surrounding view once again from the Heights bar rather amazing.
Penny Jackson brought a sound recorder along and some of the conversations of today were recorded, it will be interesting to see what everyone said, but for [...]

28 Feb, 2008

27th February - Leicester - CCC

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Today we had people from the following range of careers: lecturers, students from DMU and Derby, a Freelance designer, a photographer, a writer, a hypnotist, an actor and also people came along from the the LCB depot, CIRT, Babel Marketing & PR, Sleepydog Ltd, Escape Tunnel, Leicester City Council, HMRC… just to a name a [...]

17 Jan, 2008

16th January 2008 - Leicester Meeting

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Yesterday’s meeting was pretty busy!  After the initial hick-up of the time changes at the graduate bar (after the New Year they started opening at 11 rather than 10, unknown to us) luckily it was all sorted very quickly thanks to Shani, and they said they will open it up earlier for us when we want it [...]

19 Dec, 2007

New independant film, here in Leicester

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With Christmas just around the corner, and the graduate bar closed we weren’t sure how today’s meeting would pan out, but we were pleasantly surprised! A good amount turned up, a mixture of familiar and new faces. Today’s conversations swayed towards the talk of films, Rhys Davis and Kris Tearse (Dark Waters Entertainment) are in [...]


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