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21 May, 2008

CreativeCoffee Club - Leicester

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Have you ever searched for your home town on youtube? I never thought to before, and today at CreativeCoffee someone asked me if I have… So I quickly checked on-line and was surprised to find so many videos people have made. I searched for the town nearest to where I grew up, and found 5,000 [...]

Today’s meeting was its usual busy but relaxed self. Around twenty people from various interesting careers came and mingled. There were photographers, web designers, a painter, musician’s, a film director, we had someone from Business Link and a lady from “Skills for enterprise” which provide business link start-up services and many others came along too. [...]

03 Apr, 2008

Network of Networks and USB technology

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A main topic of discussion formed around the up and coming Network of Networks. Toby gave an overview of what is happening and everyone talked about interesting ideas for locations etc. It shall chatting and conversational, informal in an “un-converence” style.
CreativeCoffee Club and other social networking groups will be joining together for a few separate [...]

As it was Toby’s Moores birthday on Sunday, to extend the celebrations he generously brought a big chocolate cake! Which went down very well, especially as it was gluten free so everyone could par-take. Ideas and topics discussed in a mass conversation between everyone but most of the time the group divided amongst themselves and [...]


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