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07 Nov, 2008

Relaunching in 5, 4, 3…

Posted by: Sizemore In: website

The Creative Coffee Club website has been inactive for a little while now, partly because the Facebook group has proved to be so effective. But looking back over the last year or so of posts underlines how important an additional resource the blog has been. So in line with the new season of Creative Coffee Club both in London and Leicester we’ve moved the old blog to a new home.

This has created a couple of admin headaches such as fixing the old URLs on Facebook and elsewhere and because I copied over the old posts manually they’re still not attributed to the correct authors in WordPress. Both problems are easily fixed and having a WP blog will mean we can pull in widgets to help not only with the organising of the events, but also to help promote the cool stuff that we archive here.

I’m hoping the blog will once again become as lively and as interesting as the actual meet ups.

We’ll probably change the theme too and strengthen our links to other networks and of course Amplified 08. We also have plans to run a Creative Coffee Flickr group and add more rich media to the site so keep bringing your cameras and smart phones along.

I’d love to see everyone who has posted on Creative Coffee in the past back in action here and of course new blood is not only welcome but craved.

Just drop me a line at mikesizemore @ and I’ll sort out blogging access to anyone who wants to chip in.

And of course feel free to link us up and spread the word…

Photo credit: Save your cortex by *MAH7 (CC license)

2 Responses to "Relaunching in 5, 4, 3…"

1 | Ben Walker

November 7th, 2008 at 10:45 am


Good work, Mike. I arrived at the Creative Coffee blog during its slow period, and I’ve been hanging on to the RSS feed, looking forward to the kind of conversation that’s always so interesting and fruitful at the CC events.

Since I’m now desk-bound and unlikely to show my face any time soon, I’m glad the CC blog is back in the picture. If you ever need any Twitter/Youtube crossover smash hit song themed articles, give me a shout… ;o)

2 | 7

December 4th, 2008 at 5:01 pm


Just say thanks for the credit of the picture.
Im glad you liked and used my work here : )


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