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19 Feb, 2008

Evolution Of An Idea Part 2: Parkour on Heelies would make great TV?

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This thought popped in to my head as I sat eating by breakfast and I’ve been twittering about it here all morning. I thought I’d explore it as a blog post as it gives some insight in to the SleepyDog creative process. In particular the way in which small pieces loosely joined applies to creativity:

The free-roaming street courses at comps like the X Games made skateboarding accessible to a wider TV audience. This was quickly followed by in-line and bmx. It occurred to me that parkour might benefit from the same environment.

Watching Dvinsk Clan is fabulous but would it be spectacular enough for TV? Combining skate with parkour might give you the height projection you would need …

Thus Parkour on Heelies.

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