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Yesterday’s meeting was a bit of a ‘laptop convention’ and the one Sue Thomas brought with her was particularly fun! The screen was a tablet and you could write or draw straight on to, I’ve always wondered what they were like to use and I was lucky enough to get to try one out, thank [...]

De Montfort University is offering free help for companies to boost business by joining the online social network Facebook.
Facebook for Business is an evening event being run to help SMEs generate wealth by social networking at the University’s Institute of Creative Technologies on Monday 26 November.
Starting at 6pm, with admission free of charge, Facebook for [...]

22 Nov, 2007

Another busy CreativeCoffee in Leicester!

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This week everyone had lots to to say about up coming events, I’m not here to promote, however all the information seemed interesting and creative, I hope you find some interest in what I found out…

I can’t wait for the new performing arts centre to arrive. Its nearing 2008 and I was told it will [...]

16 Nov, 2007

What I love about CreativeCoffee Club…

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Every time I’ve attended a CreativeCoffee meeting has been a new experience with fresh and interesting conversations where everyone bounced their notions of creativity in the world we live in. What a great idea to hold it in the Dana Centre! an open, friendly and colourful atmosphere. The meeting on wednesday (November 14th) included topics like [...]

13 Nov, 2007

PHOTOS - CCC Leicester 7th November

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Last Wednesdays CreativeCoffee Club was a great turnout. Over 25 attended, conversations flowed and everyone mingled happily amongst themselves. Photos of this event and others can be found on Facebook and also now featuring on Flickr too!
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07 Nov, 2007

CCC Leicester, 7th November

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Well, this week’s CreativeCoffee Club was very exciting! Almost too exciting for me, as I discovered that Toby Moores, one of the inspirational minds behind CreativeCoffee Club, and I shared a link through Roy Stringer from Amaze, a digital media company in Liverpool. So I’ve blagged a lift to the CreativeCoffee Club taking place on [...]


01 Nov, 2007

Interactive Billboard

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This was posted to the CCC - Facebook wall a few weeks ago by Jack Everard of Whiteroom Productions. I love the idea of participating in the creation of art art as I stoll by:
… this interactive mural installation was designed by Brand New School for Goodby, Silverstein& Partners of San Francisco. Using [...]

01 Nov, 2007

Creative Coffee Club in Machinima

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A piece of Machinima made by my nephew Sam Moores in the style of Creature Comforts. He has taken a series of interviews from the inaugural london CCC and made them visual using Moviestorm. The original interviews were conducted by Leean Pindar:

More fun than listening to a regular podcast! Thanks Leean & Sam.
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