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08 Jan, 2009

CreativeCoffee Club London Evolution

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We’re shaking things up a little with the CreativeCoffee Club London meetings in 2009. Rather than continue with the cosy, weekly free for all conversations of last year we’ll be doing less regular meet-ups, but will begin to have larger and more themed conversations.
Our first one is in conjunction with Amplified09 and the ICA. You [...]

For some time we’ve planned to hook CreativeCoffee Club up with a University in London, as well as wanting to get away fro the Height’s Bar at the St. Georges. The Heights Bar has a great view, and means you can regularly rub shoulders with BBC luminaries and producers, but the coffee is lousy and [...]

21 Jun, 2008

NLab Social Networks Conference 19th June 2008

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Live-blogs of presentations (Steve Clayton - Microsoft, Roland Harwood - NESTA, Andrea Saveri, Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, Ken Thompson - Swarmteams, Jim Benson - Modus Co-operandi), flickr from the day, feedback from delegates on the conference website. Follow the nlabnetworks community at Twitter.
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15 May, 2008

Generating Wealth Through Social Networks

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Here in Leicester, we’ve been looking at how social networks can generate wealth - for individuals and for businesses. One of the starting places was Ron Burt’s work around structural holes, and the idea that creativity takes place in the spaces between structures and networks. There has also been some evidence that people who network [...]

We spent some time at this week’s London CreativeCoffee Club talking through the Network of Networks concept.  We would host an unconference style meeting, probably quarterly, that pulls together the communities from CreativeCoffee, London Social Media Cafe, Mobile Mondays, London Wiki Wednesdays, Social Media Mafia and any other groups that want to join in.  We [...]

12 May, 2008

Network of Networks: A Beginning

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I’m looking forward to this Wednesday’s CCC for a number of reasons. The chance to meet new people, pick up from conversations started last week and of course have a couple of pots of coffee all to myself while enjoying the view.
Mostly though I want to talk to Toby and everyone else about this concept [...]

20 Mar, 2008

A Network of Networks - wiki discussion

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At a recent London CCC meeting Toby Moores started talking about the idea of a Network of Networks.  Lloyd Davis’s London Social Media Cafe is really taking off.   Alex Craxton, who runs Mobile Mondays, has become a CCC regular, and of course I facilitate London Wiki Wednesdays.  We envisage organizing some joint events and get the 4 or more [...]

Explore the benefits of social networks for your business

Thursday 19th & Friday 20th June 2008
at the Queens Building, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

What is a social network and how can it generate wealth for your business?
How can social networks increase creativity and why is that important?
How will social networks affect the future of your company?
What [...]


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