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25 Feb, 2008

Heroic failures? - try The FAIL Blog

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Toby has re-started his sequence of posts on Heroic Failures.  While I was following a different thread this morning it led to my friend Mike Prosceno’s blog, where I found this post highlighting The FAIL Blog, which describes itself thus:
“This is a site for sharing all things that FAIL with the world. Gather your fail pics [...]

24 Sep, 2007

Heroic Failures Part One

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If you are serious about the creative process you are going to be wrong a fair amount of the time.  At SleepyDog we think the strike rate for new ideas is about 1 in 200.  That is not a problem as long as you:

Generate sufficient ideas in the 1st place
You filter those ideas aggressively to [...]


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