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04 May, 2008

Ice Breaking

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I attended my first Creative Coffee Club on Wednesday after hearing about it through Toby. I’m already something of a fixture on Friday mornings at the Social Media Cafe so was interested to see how a different group was made up and where it was heading.
The first thing I noticed of course was that there [...]

25 Feb, 2008

CreativeCoffee Club makes it to Bulgaria

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I trailed a while back that one of our friends, Boshidar Zashev, was translating the CreativeCoffee Club manifesto in to Bulgarian.  He’s done that and posted it on the popular, read by many teachers in that country.  How’s your Bulgarian?  I can see there is a conversation going on over there and I wish [...]

14 Feb, 2008

Welcome to our Bulgarian friends

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One of our friends, Boz Zashev, is planning to translate the CreativeCoffee Club manifesto in to Bulgarian and post it in an online community for Bulgarian teachers, with links back here.  I’ll post a link when he’s done it.  We look forward to and welcome any new BG visitors!
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19 Sep, 2007

Creative Coffee Club - Bay Area

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I met Toby Moores last year at Office 2.0, and we discussed the creative collaboration work he was doing at DeMontfort University in Leicester.   Over the last year, we’ve kept in touch, and I recruited him to participate in a panel at this year’s Office 2.0 conference on “Culture and Collaboration,” on how to unleash [...]

16 Sep, 2007

Technology and Creativity

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I tend not to think of myself as a highly creative person but on some level I guess I must be. My interest is in Technology and how it can support the creative process or enable people to do new and wonderful things. I’m always in awe of people who are truly creative. I’m really [...]

07 Sep, 2007

Just to keep the pot boiling

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Hello. My name is David Tebbutt. I’ve always considered myself creative but, next to Toby Moores, I’m about as creative as a twig.
I look forward to meeting those that turn up on 19th September. Just in case anyone wants to chat, I should mention that I will have to dash off around 11:45 for an [...]


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