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For some time we’ve planned to hook CreativeCoffee Club up with a University in London, as well as wanting to get away fro the Height’s Bar at the St. Georges. The Heights Bar has a great view, and means you can regularly rub shoulders with BBC luminaries and producers, but the coffee is lousy and [...]

27 Aug, 2008

Success Factors for CreativeCoffee Club

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CreativeCoffee Club has been going for about a year now. Local groups have met in London, Leicester, Liverpool, Bangor, Palo Alto and New York. The Leicester group has been especially successful, meeting consistently over the year with steady participation from local small businesses and visitors from further afield.
One of the great things about [...]


21 Jun, 2008

CreativeCoffee Club Leicester - 18th June

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The last CCC Leicester event before the summer break and it definitely had an end-of-term feel to it - or maybe that was just me. As usual, I was ridiculously excited by the prospect of seeing who turned up and enjoying the conversation. I wasn’t quite sure how this coffee club would go, as the [...]

The group was slightly smaller than usual, perhaps it was to do with the rather miserable weather.. or more likely they were probably just busy (as the weather usually is pretty dreary!!)
Conversation was very relaxed, and it is usually, because mostly (if not always) no agendas or topics are pre-decided. So everyone’s free to talk [...]

21 May, 2008

CreativeCoffee Club - Leicester

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Have you ever searched for your home town on youtube? I never thought to before, and today at CreativeCoffee someone asked me if I have… So I quickly checked on-line and was surprised to find so many videos people have made. I searched for the town nearest to where I grew up, and found 5,000 [...]

04 May, 2008

Ice Breaking

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I attended my first Creative Coffee Club on Wednesday after hearing about it through Toby. I’m already something of a fixture on Friday mornings at the Social Media Cafe so was interested to see how a different group was made up and where it was heading.
The first thing I noticed of course was that there [...]

01 May, 2008

30th April - CreativeCoffee Club London

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Within the first hour the group had doubled to 12, and lots of different conversations going on. The topic of music popped up and the difficulty of marketing physical products when you can download music.
The popular social networking working tool twitter and twirl came up again today, and its simplistic interface design is good. Its [...]

Some new things I found out today at CreativeCoffee today:
There is a craze circulating called ‘circuit bending’ in which people are taking children’s old musical toys and rewiring the circuit board to create a form of electric music:

I was also introduced to ‘Silverlight’ like flash animations, however it seems much quicker at handing higher definition [...]

18 Apr, 2008

CreativeCoffee Club - London 16th April

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CreativeCoffee Club - The people who come along are interesting, highly intelligent and genuinely nice and funny people. I sit absorbing as much information as I can of what everyone says, a bit of it goes over my head, some of it I feel I knew already but most is interesting new stuff I know [...]

Today’s meeting was its usual busy but relaxed self. Around twenty people from various interesting careers came and mingled. There were photographers, web designers, a painter, musician’s, a film director, we had someone from Business Link and a lady from “Skills for enterprise” which provide business link start-up services and many others came along too. [...]


CreativeCoffee Club is a meetup and networking event, after the style of the OpenCoffee Club. We aim to provide a place for business people, academics, teachers, public sector workers and managers to network, exchange ideas and discuss how to foster creativity and innovation in the workplace.